Twenty2 Grasscloth

Paperweave Wallpaper - Gilt


Made to Order: 8 - 10 Weeks (Inquire for availability)
Contents: Metallic-rubbed woven paper with paper backing
Width: 36” 
Priced: Per yard
Roll Size: 8 yards
Minimum: 1 Roll

Colored with water-based vegetable dyes

Description: Earth-friendly, sustainable and biodegradable, this woven paper offers a crisp, elegant texture to the wall.

Gilt is a warm golden strie paperweave, reminiscent of a cherished antique with none of the stuffiness.

Care Instructions: Our grasscloths can be vacuumed to release any dust that may accumulate on the surface. Do not use any cleaning products or water to clean your grasscloth, as the vegetable dyes used to create the colors can bleed or streak.

Some paperweaves can tolerate being wiped with a soft dry rag (not damp).

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